Sunday, December 12, 2010

OH... Cinnamon Stix !

This is a project I use to make out of cinnamon sticks when my kids were young and thought I would bring it back again. They can be used many ways......on a Christmas package, make an ornament out of them, attach them to a place card, put them in a flower arrangement etc.

You can purchase the cinnamon sticks at any hobby store. I break them in half and get more pieces that way. I just take some acrylic paint and paint the top part all white for snowman and flesh colored for Santa. I then take my markers and and make little faces, for the snowman that is all I do, but Santa needs a little more paint of white for his beard and mustache and fur on his hat then some red paint for the hat and when its dry you can add some glitter. I love the glimmer mist .....when they are dry they get a very light coat ( I just spray it in the air and let it fall on the sticks so the paint does not run all over). I like to add a little green garland around their necks and a jingle bell (kids love that part) ....all which I purchase at a hobby store in the make it miniature Christmas section.  Hope you enjoy them. 

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  1. These are adorable! I somehow missed this and a couple of other posts yesterday. (Kind of a nice surprise on Christmas Eve to find these treasures you have created!)