Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Magazine Ornament Challenge

So this is my Christmas ornament for the challenge. I had a blast making this one. I found this really cool ornament at Hobby Lobby, it's called a" photo ball ornament". It opens from the bottom so you can put a photo in it. So I decided to use the Snow Angles cartridge. So here we go

The little girl in the sleigh,  I have cut 3 different layers so there is a lot of dimension. The background is one of the snowflakes cut at 2.9 in on the cricut imagine (fits perfect in the ornament). I embellished the sleigh with glitter and the glossy liquid for even more dimension, added pearls  and gems. I also used white flocking for the collar on her coat. This is done on both sides of the ornament.
Detail is everything to me so I added a little snow in the ornament for extra fun. To finish the piece and keep with the rules of the challenge I took the velvet ribbon and embossed it with the cuttlebug and wrapped it around the seam of the ornament. I took these crystals off another ornament attached it to the ribbon and attached the top back on. Decorated the top of the ornament with crystals and found some fun Christmas hangers to hang it with, and added some shinny holly leaves I found in the Christmas section at the Hobby store.

The backgrounds are also from the Snow Angle cartridge and I  put a shimmer mist on all the pieces for that glittery holiday feeling.

This is just another ornament I made for fun (it's not for the challenge however). It is also from the Snow Angle cartridge. I flocked the birds and the top of the stocking and just embellished it with glitter glues. This also has 3 layers.

These next couple pictures are and ornament I made from the K@Company Brenda Walton paper ornament kit.I really enjoy this kit all you have to do is put them together and embellish them the way you like and you have a lovely Christmas ornament. I also put that fun Shimmer spray on this too.

This is the back side of this ornament


  1. Beautiful work! Love all the ornaments. TFS. Sometime can you let us know your Cricut MB name?

  2. OMG! These are just simply amazing! I love them all. What paper did you use for the bal ornament? Did you use a Cricut cut for the fanned ornaments? Beautiful, beautiful work!

  3. OH MY!
    These are wonderful!
    I felt like I was in a winter wonderland
    for a moment there. GREAT job!

    I'm going to have to try that Velvet Ribbon
    embossing. hmmmmmmmmm TONIGHT!


  4. Robin,
    The fan ornaments are from k&company paper ornament kit. The ball ornament papers are all from the Snow Angel cartridge (cricut imagine).
    Happy Crafting

  5. Your ornaments are so beautiful! I love the details -- the stones around the collar of the ball ornament and that little snowflake!

    I love how they all coordinate!


  6. I love your ornaments! So beautiful and elegant! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great ornaments. The colors are work so well together. Good luck on the challenge!

  8. OK... I tried the velvet ribbon embossing with the cuttelbug. :( It looked alright at first but then when I even touched it the embossing vanished. Is there a way to make it permanent?

    :) TR

  9. Your ornaments are ALL gorgeous!!! You've been busy! Thanks for sharing and good luck in the contest!

  10. This is absolutely sweet. I missed the ribbon embossing so I'd better go back and take a second look. I love the snow angel cartridge.

  11. TR.
    Ribbon Embossing.....dampen velvet ribbon first and then run it through your cuttlebug back and forth 8 to 10 times, holding up so far. Hope it works for you. :)

  12. Gorgeous stuff! I found your blog through the contest - I clicked on your entry. I noticed it says you live in CO. I do too, and a bunch of us Circlets had a meetup and a real blast. I have been planning some upcoming events - including a Circle party at my house in Feb. If you'd be interested in coming to some stuff with us and being invited to everything we set up please e-mail me to let me know :)

  13. Oh my, what gorgeous ornaments you created!! Your one for the challenge is incredible and I love the stocking too -- such detail on everything you create!!