Friday, October 29, 2010

Well my goodness....I was just entering a contest and the next thing I know I have new friends following my blog. BLOG? didnt even really know what they were all about till I joined the Cricut Circle and thought I should have one if I wanted to be in this Circle.I got it started but I must give praise where praise is due because there has been some very nice compliments on the blog itself....My lovely niece Destinae was the one to get in there and make it look Beautiful (fixed all my mistakes)and told me how to put on music. Still can't figure out this link buisness though LOL. She told me now I need to keep up with it and answer the questions that you ladies have asked. SO...OK here we go, I will give it my best shot.
I decided to call this project 'The 1908 Paris Flat'. You have all given me such awesome reviews on this project, but I gotta tell ya I shocked even myself ( I'v never made anything like this before... for pete sake)and now you want to see what else I can come up with!! I raised the bar even for myself :). This will be interesting to say the least.
So to start with of course was the Window from the French Manor cartridge. I used my new Cricut Imagine machine and choose the color I thought would be best for the roof, then cut another piece with plain tan paper,cutting off the roof part and just making it the doors. One gal asked what I used for the texture on the roof. I took the Martha Stewart Scoring Board and started scoring it every other row and then rubbed some chalk ink pads(color box) to show the relief in the paper, the same was done with the sides of the doors to look like stone blocks. I use 2 to 3 different ink pads (black,brown,chestnut)to get the relief effect I like.(it's like faux painting...lots of layers of different colores )
I cut every piece 2-4 times giving it stability and dimension (don't forget to save the cardboard backings to all your paper packs, I use this to cut my main piece and then cut the pretty papers and adhere them to the core piece (like the meat between the bread).
I had to think like a carpenter building a house or furniture, lots of trial and error. I put some acetate paper between layers for the windows. The texture on the "carvings" of the window and chandalier are Cricut Cuttlebug embossing folders (I believe its called Damask).
So for the candles and shelf I used the Christmas/Noel cartridge.When tiny tiny cuts are needed, like the flames of the candle I use the GLAZE pens and then use the glossy accents liquid over that for a high shine. Use alot of pop dots for dimension as well. If I use solid color paper that has a white core I then color all the edges with a marvy marker to match. (TIME consuming, but like my father always told me ( FYI he is a watchmaker by trade 82yrs old and still works ) " if you can't do it right don't do it at all" OHHH and here is another quote by my dad " your only as good as the tools you use") THANK YOU CRICUT!
OK on with the tutorial :)
Heritage cartridge- is used for the Boots,Hat,Tea set and face silouette, once again using the GLAZE pens to paint the detail on the boots. Feather on the Hat is something from my sewing box and of course a gemstone from paper studio.Papers for Hat, Purse-(forever young cartridge)from GCD (what else but)Paris Nights. Man alive I think Im obsessed with PARIS!
Sentimentals cartridge- is the desk, once again several cuts using background cut, then I just cut to length of the table a plain piece of cardstock folded it into 3rds glued it to the 2 pieces and WA LA a 3D piece of furniture (Caution this furniture is not intended for barbie dolls HEHE)
French Manor cartridge - (my personal favorite and the reason I joined Cricut Circle) Coffee Table, Mirror,Chandelier, Swirles for the "carvings" on the outside window. The mirror is just a shiney silver cardstock (single sheet at HbbyLbby special paper section)and of course glossy accents liquid for drama and shine. Chandelier is embossed with cuttlebug folder (Damask) and (Paper Studio tear drop shaped gemes)
Summer in Paris cartridge - the 3D chair
All the rest of the patterened paper is from Paper Studio's Mirabelle collection.
Putting it together was once again just measuring and cutting pieces of cardboard, covering it with plain cardstock, holding it together like beams in a ceiling. Im not really sure how to explain that part.
So there it is in a nutshell. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to explain.
Now I better go to bed, I have a very early flight to catch.

Goodnight and Happy Crafting