Friday, February 25, 2011

Cutie Cloths Pin Magnets and Tinker Tin Box

Hello Everyone,
Thank you once again for joining me. Today was a monumental day for me......I finally reached 50 followers!!! I know, it's not huge, but I'm thrilled just the same and want to Thank You for being apart of Sugar Peas - Creation Station.
I do not have much time today to put out all of my Granddaughters birthday goodies I made, but here is a Tin and clothes pin magnets I made. They were so much fun to make and my Granddaughter Bria can pin up her projects on the fridge with these magnets. Hope you enjoy them, and as always Thank You for sharing your time to visit me and have a Blessed Day.

I have taken these clothes pins and on the back of the Tinker Bell paper package is a sample picture of the papers you will get in the package. Perfect size for the clothes pins. I just  cut them out to fit the clothes pin and adhered them with good old Elmer's glue. Put some glitter on and then put another coat of Elmer's glue on so that the glitter would not come off all over the house, the same was done with the tin. Put on some buttons ( Tinker Bell loves buttons ) and there ya have it.

Are these cool clothes pins or What!!! They are from the $1 section at Michaels in a variety of colors and have a built in magnet in them ( so little ones cant get to them ) and they stick perfectly to the tin that they are stored in, so they don't move all around. The tin I purchased at the $1 store, they are for gift cards and fit these clothes pins perfect.
Well I have to end for now. My work week starts in the morning and I'm flying to the Midwest.....BURRRR
Happy Trails

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  1. I bet she loves this! I will have to check out Michael's and the dollar store!!

    Thanks for sharing this project.