Monday, November 22, 2010

This is just a very simple project I did that can be used as a lovely gift for someone you know. Chairs, Chandelier's, Birds and Bird cages are the rage right now, so you pretty much can't go wrong with them. Maybe your expecting an earth shaking project from me, and if so I apologize, with my work schedule right now it is just impossible for me to get anything done.
But sometimes the simple things are just as welcoming as those 20 hr projects. A simple yet elegant frame with mates already in them make this especially easy, choosing a background paper to match a decor and the cuts of these chairs are from Sentimental and French Manor cartridges. I cut them at about 4in each with 2 cuts per chair and some pop dots and viola you have a very pretty gift. Maybe do a series of frames to include all chandelier's and one with couches or all bird cages. I think most ladies would be pleased to get a gift like this for Christmas. They sell them in the stores for a pretty penny, but ours are personalized and made from the heart.

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